The following Bible study was reproduced from an  un-copyrighted outline of church history. The History of the Church The First Church -- Apostolic 33-100 A.D.	  Founder:  Jesus Christ		-- 	Place: Jerusalem “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism” Falling Away Period 100-325 A.D. Dark Ages -- Corruption 325-1517 A.D. Reformation 1517-1720 A.D. Great Revival Period 1720-1906 A.D. Latter Rain of Holy Spirit 1906-1915 A.D. THE FIRST CHURCH (APOSTOLIC) RESTORED!  THE GREAT REVELATION OF THE MIGHTY GOD IN CHRIST  1915 – TO THE TRANSLATION OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST  WATER IMMERSION ALSO IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST IMPERATIVE TO BE INCLUDED IN THE BRIDE. Bible Studies Acts 2:38 Lady - Home (Click on the blue Scripture references to read each verse.)